About the ETC


Simply put, the ETC mission is to help early-stage companies grow.



The ETC is the City of Baltimore’s award winning, technology innovation center focusing on Entrepreneurship, Technology and Connections. The ETC is a non-profit 501 ( c ) 3 venture of the Baltimore Development Corporation. ETC has two diverse locations in the city of Baltimore –ETC’s Haven Street Campus in Highlandtown and the JHU Eastern Campus on East 33rd Street.

The ETC offers three unique programs for entrepreneurs:
Beehive Baltimore, a coworking space
Incubation, the perfect environment to get serious about your big idea and the ideal support network of the ETC
AccelerateBaltimore, get there faster than you could on your own! A 13-week program for up to 6 startups with $25,000 in seed funding and the goal to launch an MVP in just 13 weeks


HAVEN CAMPUS (101 N. Haven Street – 3rd Floor)
EASTERN CAMPUS (1101 East 33rd Street – 3rd Floor)


Please apply to join us here


Model For Success

ETC’s success is possible because of the support of the larger innovation community in Baltimore and because of the collaboration and connections our member companies experience during their engagement with the ETC.

More than an opportunity for growth of individual companies, the ETC provides an environment in which like-minded companies can accelerate their potential through partnerships and potential joint ventures creating a powerful economic impact on the City of Baltimore.

ETC graduates continue to grow and innovate long after their time at ETC and create lasting impact on the City of Baltimore.

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With an entire community supporting you

ETC Companies


Brinkbit, Inc. is a game and game technology studio based in Baltimore, MD. We believe play is essential to life, so we create com...

Notice and Comment

N&C, Inc aka NoticeandComment.com designs cognitive enterprise solutions for digital public notice and comment systems. Us...


Thoughtfully designed and intuitive software for supply chain data collection and management....


Cake Fundraising's mission is to empower charities to help all in need by creating a new, abundant wellspring of operating and pro...


Upside Down Networking for Everyone! ...


Gracular bridges the gap between innovations in manufactured products and intellectual property needs of enterprises by providing ...

Benesyle Technologies

Benesyle Technologies Inc. Focuses on the business of designing, providing and implementing sustainable energy solutions to improv...

Trusted Technologies

Trusted Technologies' core business platform is information technology and the tactical and strategic implementation of advanced t...


BusyGrad is a university social network for grad student professionals. Started in 2012 by a Johns Hopkins PhD, it’s designed to...

Right Source Marketing

Right Source is a strategic marketing consulting firm that helps companies create and implement content-driven, digital-focused in...

410 Labs

410 Labs is a lean product studio founded in 2010 by Dave Troy and Matthew Koll. We produce a suite of socially productive tools t...

GTech Designs

GTech Designs is a creative marketing boutique that provides print, web and social media services focused on results and high impa...

SmartLogic Solutions

We build applications to support our clients' unique visions. Since 2005, we've enjoyed working with Brown University, Lancôme, E...

Groove Commerce

Success isn’t luck. Groove specializes in services that drive real business results, with a proven process for strategy, inbound...

Immersive 3D

Immersive 3d LLC (i3d) is fusing the high-energy video game culture with leading Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) ...

Vigilant Medical

ImageShare connects high acuity providers with those that rely on their expertise. No setup uploading allows anyone to send images...


At Hometrack Real Estate Marketing, we are dedicated to providing real estate agents in and around Baltimore with the highest qual...

Management CV

Management CV serves the needs of equity investors and commercial lenders seeking key facts and an unbiased view on the executives...

Energetics Technology Center

The Energetics Technology Center (ETC) provides research and engineering services, and policy development capabilities to governme...


Since 2001, entreQuest (eQ) has been in the business of helping organizations grow regardless of their size, their industry or the...


Mercaris was formed to address the lack of basic market data available to participants in the organic and non-GMO supply chain. ...

InSilico Medicine

Insilico Medicine, Inc is a bioinformatics and drug discovery company. It specializes in drug discovery for aging research and per...

Subscribe Pro

Subscribe Pro is a SaaS subscription billing platform for eCommerce. We offer a turnkey solution for auto-ship and subscription re...


The social web is a complex and highly redundant landscape. Keeping your personal life secure and private is increasingly importan...

Certified CIO

Certified CIO is your outsourced Chief Information Officer! Based in Hanover, PA, we provide managed information technology suppor...


Cerecor Inc. is a Maryland-based biopharmaceutical company comprised of a team of industry experts and leading scientists focused ...

Pieran Health Technologies

Pieran Health Technologies is a creative software development company that specializes in custom software creations. We architect ...

American Business Forms & Envelopes

American Business Forms & Envelopes provides a complete line of printed business forms to Refuse Businesses for ANY Software P...


BANDHAPPY. A new music marketplace for a new music world. BANDHAPPY connects teachers and students in a one-of-a-kind music commu...

Arcion Therapeutics

Arcion Therapeutics applies breakthroughs in neuroscience to advance the treatment of chronic pain. The company focuses on innovat...


SurveySnap is a smarter, more efficient and more profitable system for collecting, reporting and communicating around site-survey ...


Create online content that is dynamically personalized to the needs of an individual. Boost your content marketing effectiveness b...

A & G Pharmaceutical

A & G Pharmaceutical discovers and develops theranostic products- drug/test combinations- that improve screening, detection, a...

Avitus Orthopaedics

Avitus Orthopaedics, Inc. was established in 2011 with the mission of developing new orthopaedic technologies that improve clinica...

Maven Medical

Maven is a healthcare software company building products that will dramatically impact the cost of healthcare delivery. We are wo...

My Nonprofit Network

To be the primary source for underserved nonprofit organizations worldwide for information, knowledge and a means to communicate w...

Ark Sciences

At Ark Sciences, our world-class veterinary pharmaceutical products are specifically engineered to provide the least invasive non-...

Wham City Lights

Wham City Lights uses smartphones to create synced, custom, participatory light shows at live events. We use the untapped technolo...


Foodem is an innovative online B2B marketplace connecting wholesale food buyers and sellers. Assisting restaurants (and other whol...


NewsUp is the current events quiz game, featuring thousands of questions ranging from the Oscars to Obamacare and everything in be...

Tutela Industries

Tutela Industries is a patient engagement company dedicated to the development and commercialization of interactive patient engage...

Rowdy Orbit

Rowdy Orbit is the progressive evolution of traditional media, where hight-quality, thought-provoking online video series from Afr...

Superior Technology Solutions Corporation

Founded in 2003, Superior Technology Solutions Corporation (STSC) is a core team of results driven technologists with years of exp...

SAJE Consulting

SAJE Consulting provides drug development consulting services to pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies. SAJE Consulting speci...

An Estuary

An Estuary creates contemporary social technology products and solutions for next generation professional development in k12, high...

Unbound Concepts

Unbound Concepts changes the way that readers find books. Our BookLeveler product combines smart machine-learning with a smart c...


Ampslam is a Baltimore City based music hosting platform and social media technology. We are an independent community that offers ...


SameGrain is an award winning “privacy first” social discovery platform that enables people to connect with others that share ...


Online Registration, Trade Show and Association solutions....


Curiosityville is a personalized learning platform for children, ages three to eight, that provides a playful world designed to he...

Applied Sensor Research & Development Corporation

Applied Sensor Research & Development Corporation (ASR&D) is an application engineering and contract research firm special...


geographIT® located in Lancaster, PA with a satellite office in Baltimore MD was founded by Ashis Pal, President and Bruce Stauff...


Adcieo is a leading digital marketing firm serving the nonprofit community with expertise in web design; the development, deployme...

Infinite Biomedical Technologies

Infinite Biomedical Technologies, LLC (IBT) is a medical device company dedicated to creating innovative and useful solutions in p...


SocialToaster is a custom fan engagement platform that incorporates all of the major social networks and incentivizes with gamific...


Graphtrack is a data analytics software company that refines consumer and product data from retail purchases as well as disaggrega...

Response Labs

Response Labs was formed as an integrated product development company enabling customers and consumers to share their brands and e...


Symbiomix is a late-stage, privately held biopharmaceutical company with a focus on women’s health. The company’s lead produc...


TenantRex is a software as a service business that enables Commercial Real Estate firms to manage the data that is important to th...


Allovue streamlines school financial management processes into one application that helps school leaders navigate the budget proce...

ADASHI Systems

ADASHI Systems is modernizing emergency management. Our software gives incident commanders and first responders a fast, accurate p...


SALESWARP, developed by 6th Street Inc., is a centralized commerce management system for responsive retail. SalesWarp breaks down ...

Zero Gravity Creations

Zero Gravity Creations, LLC has developed and continues to refine our patent pending Magmabond technology, which allows us to str...

PrintLess Plans

PrintLess Plans is a developer of large format auxiliary displays offering Architecture, Engineering, and Construction professiona...


Juxtopia is a biomedical and information technology (BIO-IT) company with a mission to improve human performance with its products...


Rehabtics is a Maryland-based company developing a software system for physical rehabilitation using motion-controlled video games...

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Whether you’re thinking about forming a company, have a viable product, or already  have funding, employees and paying customers, we know that new ideas come in all shapes and sizes. The ETC offers variety of programs to support your company, and help you reach the next level of growth.
Not sure about which program is the right fit for you? Fill out an application here and we’ll be happy to talk with you about our programs, and help you take the next step.



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The ETC Team


Deb Tillett

Deb Tillett


    Jacqueline Albright

    Jacqueline Albright

    Community & Program Manager

      Valerie Ellis

      Valerie Ellis

      Facility Coordinator

        Lynn Slone

        Lynn Slone

        Facility Coordinator


          Darius Davis

          Darius Davis


          Harbor Banks / Pres.

            John Wasilisin

            John Wasilisin


            TEDCO/VP COO

              Jeff Pillas

              Jeff Pillas




                Wesley Blakeslee

                Wesley Blakeslee

                  Robert Brennan


                    Richard A. Kohr, Jr.

                    Richard A. Kohr, Jr.

                    CEO/Evergreen Advisors LLC

                      Brian LeGette

                      Brian LeGette


                        Jennifer Meyer

                        Jennifer Meyer

                        COO - EAGB

                          Ginette Serrero, Ph.D.

                          Ginette Serrero, Ph.D.

                          CEO/A&G Pharmaceutical, Inc.

                            Brendan Kelleher

                            Brendan Kelleher

                            Under Armour

                              Jennifer Rous

                              Jennifer Rous

                              White Ford Taylor and Preston/CIO

                                Mark Wagner

                                Mark Wagner


                                  Richard Greenwood

                                  Richard Greenwood

                                  Partner - PWC

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                                    ETC News

                                    ETC Opens Applications for AccelerateBaltimore 2015

                                    ETC Opens Applications for AccelerateBaltimore 2015

                                    Do you know someone who is starting their business and 25k & 13 weeks with the ETC will make a difference?  Help us get the word out! Applications for AccelerateBaltimore are now open! Read our press release below. BALTIMORE, MD – October 7, 2014. The ETC (Emerging Technology Centers) www.etcbaltimore.com, Baltimore City’s award-winning technology innovation […]

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                                    Calling All College Juniors & Seniors! ETC to Host Entrepreneurship Day: Connecting Current Entrepreneurs with Future Entrepreneurs

                                    Calling All College Juniors & Seniors! ETC to Host Entrepreneurship Day: Connecting Current Entrepreneurs with Future Entrepreneurs

                                    On October 16th from 2-5pm, the ETC will be hosting Entrepreneurship Day at the ETC Haven Campus. This is an afternoon of programming will be focusing on ETC Companies & their journeys in entrepreneurship. Our program will begin with an intro by ETC President Deb Tillett,  covering the entrepreneurship landscape in Baltimore. Our presenters include: Shelly Blake-Plock- CEO of An […]

                                    Read more
                                    ETC to Launch AccelerateBaltimore for 2015

                                    ETC to Launch AccelerateBaltimore for 2015

                                    The wait is over! The ETC is proud to announce we will be running the AccelerateBaltimore 2015! Thank you to The Abell Foundation for supporting us for the 4th year in a row. ETC to Launch AccelerateBaltimore for 2015 The Abell Foundation Confirms Support of Successful Accelerator for Fourth Straight Year BALTIMORE, MD – September […]

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