10 Things You Should Know About ETC’s New Intern


I’m here to keep you connected and updated with any and all events, both internally and externally. Anticipate future blog posts about what is going on in your community both at ETC and in Baltimore.

I hail from Bucks County, Pennsylvania, which is right outside of Philadelphia. So yeah, I’m pretty picky about my cheesesteaks, and sometimes I pronounce “water” as “wood-er.”

I have two cats at home. Their names are Jasper and Peeta, and I named neither of them. I’m definitely a cat person. But I also love dogs. And most other animals.

I’m an Interdisciplinary Writing and Studio Arts major at Loyola University Maryland. I’m approaching my senior year and plan on graduating in December. I like to write creative pieces, but I have no problem churning out an essay. As for art…

My favorite medium to work with is paint: acrylic, oil, watercolor. I have paint splatters and smudges on everything I own, from my headphones to my laptop. If there is a questionable smudge on something I own, there is a 99% chance that it is paint.

I love theatre. I was involved in high school; however, my love for theatre truly blossomed at Loyola. I have worked as set designer, sign artisan, assistant stage manager, and set construction. Recently, I took a gamble that paid-off when I was cast as ensemble for Loyola’s Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson. As for future involvement, I have been selected to design the sets for two upcoming student-directed shows, Sin: A Cardinal Deposed and W;t.

Speaking of involvement, I am Co-President of Spectrum, the student LGBTQPIA+ organization at Loyola. For the past two years, I have offered support and affirmation for LGBTQPIA+ students. If I can help at least one student grow positively, I feel that my work is worthwhile.

My favorite movies are the Lord of the Rings trilogy. Fun fact: my parents had to forbid me from buying more versions of the Lord of the Rings because they believed I was wasting my money as a kid. I didn’t complete my Extended Edition collection until three years ago.

I was more of a Digimon kid than a Pokemon kid although I love the Pokemon games. Will anyone else be playing Sun and Moon?

 My name is Megan Suder. I hope to meet you all. Please look forward to the next post!



ETC is extremely excited to bring on Megan Suder as the Content Specialist Intern. Make sure to stay tuned for upcoming blog posts and ETC/Baltimore updates.

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