3 Goals, 5 Days, 1 Baltimore Innovation Week with Yet Analytics

With so many great learning and networking events available for FREE this week, the Yet Analytics team is out and about taking advantage of all the great professional development opportunities and we think that you should be to!

As we put together our Innovation Week schedule, I shared three goals with our team: Whether it’s your first Innovation Week or your 6th, if you can…

  • Learn something you can apply to your work tomorrow
  • Share something you wish someone had told you when you got started
  • Meet someone that you want to work with someday

… you’ll be sure to have a great time and make a connection that will help grow our team and move our business forward. Here’s how we’ve decided to spend our Innovation Week:



I spent the morning at ETC’s Haven Campus for the Technical.ly Baltimore Stakeholders meeting and then took advantage of Coffee & Coworking for the rest of the day, set up in the flexible accommodations of ETC’s Beehive. Then our COO Brit Keller joined me to head over to the Brewer’s Hill Hub for Happy Hour.



Yesterday afternoon, VP of Business Development Allie Tscheulin and I headed over to check out Price Modern’s space in Remington for the second half of the Biz Conference. We’re looking forward to hearing stories and lessons learned from Baltimore founders at “Start. Fund. Grow.



While others are out enjoying the Sciences Conference, our team is taking Innovation Week in-house on Wednesday. We’ll be doing an internal Demo Day to showcase the different client projects and product features that our team members have been working on over the last quarter.



As a software company that builds an analytics platform for enterprise learning and training, our favorite day of Innovation Week is Dev Day! I’ll be joining our dev team as we head over to the University of Baltimore for an afternoon of Dev Talks and to cheer on our VP of Engineering Milt Reder and fellow clojurian Gary Trakhman in their talk “Still ‘Getting’ Clojure (Parentheses are just hugs for your code)”. If you’re interested in learning more about Clojure or opportunities with the Yet Analytics team be sure to say “Hi!”



While we won’t want the week to end, we’ll all head over to the BIW17 Innovation Celebration at Mount Vernon Marketplace on Friday night to celebrate another year of stories, achievements, and community with our favorite reporters and tech leaders. One of the best things about Baltimore Innovation Week is that it offers a moment of reflection, a chance to look back at where we’ve come since BIW16. Last year we were honored to be named “Startup of the Year,” this year I’m thrilled to share Baltimore Innovation Week with our new team members and BIW first timers. We’ll grab some local snacks and raise a glass to the next year as we look forward to BIW18!

As a recent ETC Incubate Baltimore graduate, and alongside fellow community members Kapowza, Lyft, Arrow, and the Baltimore Development Corporation, Yet Analytics is proud to support the partnership between ETC and Technical.ly in making the sixth annual Baltimore Innovation Week as open and accessible as possible. Thank you to all the sponsors, community event organizers, and the reporters at Technical.ly who showcase the best, brightest, and what’s next in our Baltimore 365 days a year!


This post was written by Margaret Roth, Chief Customer Experience Officer at Yet Analytics for the ETC blog. Learn more about Margaret over on LinkedIn