3 Ways Coworking Will Grow Your Startup

Though working from home is convenient, it’s not always the most productive endeavor — especially if your full-time job is your startup. Here’s why you should consider coworking (at the ETC!):


1. You’ll get more accomplished.

If you’re working from home constantly, you’ll probably get distracted by tasks unrelated to helping your startup progress. You might even lose motivation earlier in the day than you would if you were in an environment where the people around you are working hard.

The fact of the matter is, when you see the people around you working hard and accomplishing their goals, you’ll be motivated to do the same. Plus, when you share your ideas with your peers, they’ll hold you accountable for your startup’s progress.

According to Business.com, Emergent Research surveyed thousands of coworkers across the country and found that people working in these workspaces are more productive than in any other workplace. In fact, corporate giants like Google are turning their office spaces into more collaborative environments and are even sending their employees to work in coworking spaces.

Dave Phelan of ETC company Loople Mobile says that he was drawn to the energy of the companies at the ETC. “Everyone there is working to building and growing their business, while participating in a collaborative community at the same time. Over the past two years, we have been a member of Beehive, Accelerate Baltimore, and Incubate, which has been incredible for us. We have taken advantage of everything the ETC has to offer, whether it is mentorship, office space, events, or Accelerate Baltimore.”


2. You’ll learn from other startups’ successes and failures.

Sometimes, it takes a whole lot of time and energy to figure out the solution to a problem. Luckily, the opportunities to learn in a coworking space are endless, and the ETC is known as a helpful community.

Garth Brantley, founder of ETC company Subscribe Pro, shares that for his startup, being a part of the ETC community has been a huge benefit. “Drawing on the experiences of other startups and small companies is invaluable.”

Working in a collaborative environment allows you to reach out to other entrepreneurs to get their advice at times when you’re stuck. They might have experienced a similar issue and could offer a creative solution. Alternatively, even if they haven’t come across a problem like the one you’re facing, having a new set of eyes look over your work could help you do better than you could have hoped.


3. You’ll make unique connections.

Nicole Hahn of ETC company SalesWarp says, “ETC is LinkedIn on steroids — except with actual people and not just virtual connections on a social media platform.”

Regardless of what stage your startup’s at, you can never have too many connections. Some entrepreneurs are who are eager to get to know the people in their space are lucky enough to make clients out of their coworking peers. Others have been introduced to important partners or even future employees.

Aside from being around other entrepreneurs who have goals similar to yours, coworking spaces like ETC also provide access to venture capitalists, angel investors, and professionals, like lawyers and consultants.

Interested in experiencing all the benefits of a collaborative coworking environment? Get in touch with ETC by filling out our online contact form or giving us a call at 443-451-7000.