7 Reasons Why Coworking is Perfect for Summer


Coworking has proven itself to be more than simply a trend. Just over the past couple of years, coworking spaces have seen a significant and steady growth. More spaces are opening, and more teams and professionals are taking advantage. Not sure what coworking spaces like ETC can offer you?


Say no more and check out this short list:


  1.       Need a place to concentrate? The kids are home for the summer now, and the distractions are endless. Need a quiet place to work? Coworking spaces provide a kid-free work environment without the cubicles and claustrophobic office-feeling. Call us your work away from home.
  2.      Work alongside people who have the same drive as you. Coworking spaces are unique because of the way that they connect working people without creating a competitive environment. In these spaces, people are more likely to share ideas and collaborate with fellow coworkers.
  3.       Work spaces are flexible. Members of a coworking space can move around depending on their needs. For example, if a member is looking for a space to work alone, they may choose to sit at an isolated desk. However, if there are days of collaboration, coworking spaces cater to that need as well. Conference rooms and spaces made for collaboration are available.
  4.       Coworking spaces keep you focused. With a coworking space, there is the perfect amount of autonomy that allows you the needed flexibility without eliminating structure altogether. The Harvard Business Review has said that coworkers report that working alongside other driven individuals keeps them motivated and helps them create structure in their work.
  5.      Coworking fits your schedule. Most coworking spaces, including ETC’s Beehive Baltimore program, provide members with 24/7 access. So the hours are completely yours to control. You can come in for the morning and then pack up in the afternoon to pick up or drop off the kids at their activities and then come back for a few hours before dinner.
  6.      Be part of a community. Coworking is a great way to network. Networking is key for any startup or small business. Coworking spaces are ideal for meeting other entrepreneurs and creative people.
  7.       Coworking is affordable. ETC’s Beehive prides itself with its flexible, reasonable pricing. Prices and more information about Beehive can be found on the Beehive page.


And this summer we’re offering busy professional FREE coworking on Fridays! Please RSVP to join us!

So what are you waiting for? Keep calm and cowork on.