Point3 Security CyberA3 Competition

Baltimore Based Cyber Company Point3 Security is Bringing “Capture the Flag” to Hackers at the BSidesCharm Conference April 23 & 24, 2016
Baltimore, MD – April 15, 2016 – Point3 Security (https://point3.net), creators of Odile a SaaS-based platform, works for the small and middle market to detect hackers. At this year’s BSidesCharm Conference, Point3 will be organizing a team-based force-on-force competition called the CyberA3. The BSides Charm Conference is being held at the Baltimore Convention Center on April 23 and April 24 and is sold out. 
BSidesCharm (http://www.bsidescharm.com) is a local grassroots non-profit run by volunteers that is responsible for an annual cyber security conference in Baltimore. The BSides international organization provides a community-driven framework for building events for and by information security community members. These events create opportunities for enthusiasts and professionals to participate in collaborative discussions, demos and interactions with attendees. The BSidesCharm Conference includes speakers, networking, training and contests.
Point3 Security is running the CyberA3 contest using their advanced Capture the Flag (CTF) environment. All teams are provided the same set of software with the same set of bugs and issues. The teams will research vulnerabilities, craft exploits to attack the other teams, and build patches and other countermeasures to protect their own infrastructure. There are several skill sets required if one wants to win:  System and network administration, packet capture and network monitoring, vulnerability research, exploit development, reverse engineering, and host and network forensics.  Participants must bring their own hardware, software, and personnel to the contest.
Evan Dornbush, Point3’s CEO, is leading the contest at this conference and added “CTF environments take the classic playground game and really displays participants’ hacking skills, tactics, leadership and risk. That’s the essence of what hackers do in cyber security today and we want to create an engaging way to have conference participants experience this.” 

Point3 Security is a gold sponsor of the BSidesCharm Conference and you can find their team at their vendor booth and at the CyberA3 competition. 
Point3 Security (https://point3.net)
Point3 Security is comprised of an expert advanced persistent threat (APT) team of hackers. Working to solve the problems of data protection for midsized companies, Point3 has launched their SaaS platform, Odile, to detect hackers and prevent data breaches. Point3 is part of the Accelerate Baltimore seed accelerator program located at the ETC (Emerging Technology Centers) in Baltimore.