Baltimore Cyber Startup Hunts Down Hackers

Baltimore’s Point3 Security is carving out a niche in a crowded cybersecurity market by helping small and middle-market companies find hackers quickly.

The cybertech startup recently released its patent-pending application, entitled Odile. The system operates by hunting threats in technology, such as laptops, and detects attackers in route to critical information. Both the software and Point3’s analysts scan the clients system for activity and can detect threats in as little as seven days, while the industry average remains around 200 days.

This preemptive approach to cybersecurity targets threats at the source, rather than solving the problem after the fact. Point3 also provides cyber training, incident response and remediation in addition to the software.

“Odile is a sophisticated approach to threats that investigates how unknown software operates and targets any potential problems. It is all about protecting the customers,” said Point3 founder Evan Dornbush.

Point3 has taken 2016 by storm and isn’t slowing down any time soon. Earlier this year, the company showcased at AccelerateBaltimore’s Demo Day, where it launched the Odile Software at the accelerator’s graduation program. Point3 was one of six startups that were involved in Emerging Technology Center’s AccelerateBaltimore program which provides startups with the tools, capital and networking needed to accelerate their own growth potential.

Prior to that, Point3 developed an interactive game for the BSides Charm Conference, an annual cybersecurity conference in Baltimore. Point3’s “Capture the Flag” style game allowed participants to experience the hacking side of situations, in order to better understand the countermeasures needed to protect clients’ infrastructure. As a financial sponsor of the event, Point3 feels strongly about the significant contributions these types of programs have on cybersecurity firms.

“It is an opportunity to nurture a sense of togetherness, and this event shows how the community is so collaborative,” said Evan.

Point3 was also featured as part of MAVA’s spring TechBUZZ program, a yearlong opportunity for startups to be exposed to innovators and active investors. The company was selected for their visibility, credibility, and ability to secure customers as a budding company.

With so many accomplishments in such a short period of time, the startup says it is on track totripling its revenue totals this year.

“Baltimore is a great place to form a company and there is such a big, friendly support system. Our focus now is on really capturing the market. We are about to release our Mac OS X version of the software,” said Evan.

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