Beehive Spotlight: Outer Loop Media

Chris Blackert began his company, Outer Loop Media, after graduating from Salisbury College in Maryland as a production major. Outer Loop Media helps companies and organizations spread their messages through video by combining a documentary style of production with cinematic techniques. Blackert describes himself as “naturally drawn to video production” because of his creative eye.

Blackert describes his company as the result of a college dream that he and his friend dreamt up that came to fruition about 3-4 years later. Blackert said, “My team and I specialize in online video marketing for medium to large sized businesses, really providing content for social media platforms as well as websites. Video has become a necessity for emerging and existing businesses to remain in touch with their customers and clients, so we provide the tools and expertise to make that happen.”

Outer Loop really focuses on creating the right messages for businesses. They pride themselves in producing a result that the client has envisioned in their head. “We like to think that we reduce some of the ‘stress’ that clients associate with video production and like to have a good time with our clients on set,” said Blackert. “We share a very profound interest in the success of our clients.”

Outer Loop Media at work

Here at ETC, Blackert takes advantage of our coworking space. “I love the Beehive because of the modern and open feel to it. Being surrounded by so many, not only intelligent, but motivated peers really shows how Baltimore is thriving in the technology and creative sector.”

Outside of work, Blackert likes to spend his time outside. He plays disc golf and golf and enjoys hiking and taking photos of nature. Photographing nature is therapeutic for Blackert and brings a relaxing aspect to his work. He also loves watching films. “I love going to the movies to analyze how things are filmed and use that as inspiration for what I do.”

Here is a sample of Blackert’s work:

Check out Chris Blackert’s portfolio over here at!