Take Shelter! The Next Generation of Event Camping is Here

Luxury vacationing has undergone some serious makeovers in the past decade. We’ve gone from a hotel-and-resort kinda holidays to Airbnb-and-homestay adventures (“they’re more authentic,” etc.). So, some of you might be wondering, “what’s next?” Tenting.   *Cue the record scratch freeze*   Wait, what?   Yep. You heard right. Tents are awesome. Hear us out.…

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Pass Around the Productivity: Applications That Maximize Your Time

Through experience, I came to realize that one of the universal struggles of startup life is that there’s never enough time. A healthy work-life balance is difficult to achieve, and even if you practice a zero-inbox religiously, empty to-do lists are so rare they might be an urban legend. To help you achieve your efficiency-zen,…

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5 Takeaways from Entrepreneurship Day

On Wednesday, March 22, ETC held our second Entrepreneurship Day at the Haven Campus. This intimate event gave attendees the opportunity to get to know each speaker and their founder stories. Speakers included Lida Zlatic of ClassTracks, Phil DiMuro and Dave Phelan of Loople Mobile, and Shelly Blake-Plock of Yet Analytics. Presenting on a range…

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Inspectivize: A Homeowner’s Hero?

Being a homeowner is many things: it’s a lifelong dream, a proud achievement, perhaps an investment for the future. But let’s be real, it can also be a huge pain in the (ahem) posterior end. There’s the paperwork, the footwork, and the constant, endless hurdles that have to be overcome before you finally get to…

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ETC Goes to SXSW

In less than a week, ETC will be at SXSW in Austin, TX! This year, according to the SXSW website, the conference has been streamlined into one unified event with 24 tracks of programming. They’re also offering more opportunities for networking, learning, and discovery. Badge holders will continue to receive primary entry to programs that…

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