3 Ways Coworking Will Grow Your Startup

Though working from home is convenient, it’s not always the most productive endeavor — especially if your full-time job is your startup. Here’s why you should consider coworking (at the ETC!):   1. You’ll get more accomplished. If you’re working from home constantly, you’ll probably get distracted by tasks unrelated to helping your startup progress.…

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Guest Blog: Dave Phelan from Founders Approach

This week we have a special post on the blog: it’s a guest post written by ETC member Dave Phelan! Learn about his new venture with Phil Dimuro below. Many of you know Phil and I from our purple outfits and cars with Loople stickers all over them. We developed Loople — a mobile app…

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Meet Amanda Gosling — ETC’s New Membership Coordinator

Welcome, Amanda! Learn more about our new team member with this Q&A, and be sure to say “hey” when you see her at the upcoming ETC Happy Hour!   Q: Tell us a little about yourself – where were you before this? Where did you go to school? A: I graduated from Temple University with a Bachelor’s degree in…

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CityFam on Service and Community Building

Incubate Baltimore member CityFam is on a mission to connect people with purpose. CityFam is a 501(c)(3) organization, and according to founder Rob Kowalski, they’re all about bringing people together to create genuine communities. Before CityFam, Kowalski was a nightclub promoter who found himself making poor choices. He was a part of social groups that…

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Cohere’s Commitment to Urban Revitalization

Cohere, formerly known as At Media, was founded in Philadelphia in 2009 as a traditional branding and marketing agency. Last week, they announced their rebranding as Cohere to reiterate their commitment to urban revitalization and improving cities through the power of design. According to Chris Richards, the Director of Business Development at Cohere, “through branding,…

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