ETC Member Feature: Sickweather

ETC company Sickweather — the app that scans social networks for indicators of illness, allowing you to check for the chance of sickness as easily as you can check for the chance of rain — is getting some traction this week as they’ve announced that they’re opening a nerve center for data analysis in Kansas City, MO. Graham Dodge, Co-Founder & CEO of Sickweather, told us a little bit more about the company — check it out below!


ETC: How did your company start?

Sickweather: I was sick with a stomach bug and wanted to know if something was going around or if it was food poisoning. There was no relevant public health info online, but I noticed a friend on Facebook posting about the same symptoms, and that’s when I realized social media could be used for disease surveillance.


ETC: What does your company do?

S: Sickweather is the world’s only predictive and hyperlocal illness data platform. Our consumer app is known as a ‘Waze for sickness’ and our enterprise products are used by Fortune 500 companies.


ETC: What’s new for your company?

S: We just launched our enterprise portal and developer console, where developers can easily sign up for a free 30 day key. More recently, we’ve started tracking the prevalence of ticks, which is part of a new category of parasite surveillance that we are launching soon! We are also expanding our surveillance globally with data analysis in Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Hindi and soon Italian.


Plus, Sickweather is expanding to Missouri! Baltimore shares:


“While the company is maintaining its initial Baltimore operation at ETC, CEO Graham Dodge is currently in the Missouri city establishing a new office out of a Plexpod coworking space. Dodge said the new office follows funding from the Missouri Technology Corporation, which is a quasi-public org that provides funding to early stage companies similar to TEDCO.”

Learn more about the expansion project here.


ETC: Do you have any fun facts to share?

S: We’ve been featured on the Today Show three times! Twice in the US and once in Australia.


ETC: Why Baltimore?

S: Sickweather’s 3 co-founders all grew up in Baltimore county and spent much of their misguided youth in the city. And most of our enterprise clients are based in New Jersey and Philly, so Baltimore remains a convenient location by proximity to our clients.


ETC: Why did you choose to join the ETC, and how has the ETC helped you?

S: ETC has the best value of any other co-working space in Baltimore, and has been a great advocate for us in the startup and investor community.