ETC Member Perks: The Eastern Foundry and World Trade Center Institute

Wondering whether an ETC membership is right for you? Here’s one of the many perks: if you’re in the vicinity of one of our partners, you can use their space, and their resources!


Eastern Foundry

If you’re in need of a coworking space in Virginia, the Eastern Foundry might just be the place for you. Eastern Foundry is a coworking space in Northern Virginia with two locations — Rosslyn and Crystal City (Arlington).

Just 1.2 miles from the Pentagon, Eastern Foundry’s Crystal City location offers a variety of office setups to fit specific needs of government contractors. Closer to the Department of State? Eastern Foundry’s Rosslyn location provides private offices of all sizes, a 70-person training room, and expansive coworking area and lounge perfect for collaborating with neighbors.

As the location of these campuses alludes, Eastern Foundry’s coworking community focuses on government contracting. A majority of the companies working in these spaces sell products and services to the federal government. Eastern Foundry provides educational programming and events to assist member companies along the way.

All ETC members get free business access — Monday to Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. — to both coworking spaces. Members can use the internet, drink free coffee, and most importantly, work effectively! For more information, reach out to the ETC to learn more about this and other exciting partnerships


World Trade Center Institute (WTCI)

Located in the heart of Baltimore, the World Trade Center Institute (WTCI) aims to drive international collaboration and business growth through its network connections, internationally-focused events, professional exchanges program, and international business services. WTCI provides the opportunity for companies to network with local business executives, explore new partnerships, expand international sales, trade, and more with a network of over 16,000 people.

WTCI partners with entrepreneurial organizations, co-working spaces, and incubators like the ETC to provide startup companies in Maryland with access to their network and member benefits, which can help them meet potential business partners, and learn from companies who have “been there, done that.” WTCI offers membership services, international network connections, and unique events and programing (such as EDGE, AGILE, and the Professional Exchanges Program).

Next month is WTCI’s Annual Women Spanning the Globe Leadership Conference at the American Visionary Arts Museum. Over 300+ diverse business women will be in attendance to experience a dynamic line-up of speakers and topics designed to enhance the life and careers of women around the world.

Additionally, WTCI’s Taste of Business ft. The United Kingdom & The British Open will be in July. This is a fun and educational networking event which includes the opportunity to learn about culture, best practices in business, and updates on the market in The United Kingdom from companies and representatives with real-world experience.

To learn more about other the ETC membership benefits, be sure to check out our website!