ETC x BIW is Made Possible By…

This year, many of the conferences at Baltimore Innovation Week will be free thanks to ETC’s supporters – Arrow Electronics, Kapowza, Lyft, Point3 Security, Yet Analytics, and the Baltimore Development Corporation!

Learn more about these stellar companies and the work they do below!



Arrow Electronics

Arrow Electronics is a Fortune 500 company that provides products, services, and solutions to various industries around the world, some of which are telecommunications, information systems, transportation, medical, and industrial and consumer electronics.

Arrow provides specialized services and expertise across a product’s lifecycle by connecting customers to the right technology at the right time and price. Check out their website to see how they can solve your tech needs!




This ETC-based full-service creative agency is known for their ability to turn any client’s story into an unforgettable one. The goal of Kapowza’s work is to be creative and original, and they strive to be the best partner for their clients they can be.

Do you feel as though your company’s missing something on the creative side? Kapowza is the answer! Experience their design, digital, and video capabilities here.




No matter where you need to go in Baltimore, you can count on Lyft to get you there in a flash! All you have to do is download the app, request driver to take you to where you want to go, and once your ride is complete, pay with your phone!

Lyft representatives will be present at BIW’s Introduced: A curated B2B event, where entrepreneurs will have the opportunity to sell their products or services to companies.

Plus, during Baltimore Innovation Week, Lyft users can apply the code BIW17 to their ride to or from BIW events to get 50% off!



Point3 Security

Cybersecurity is one base that every company, even small and middle-market businesses, needs to have covered. Point3 has developed endpoint solutions that address these security needs from the source itself: co-founders Evan Dornbush and John Rigney studied the world’s leading hackers while working in cyber intelligence.

Point3 understands how hackers can break into even the most well-defended networks — that’s why they can help protect your business! More information is available on their website.



Yet Analytics

Do you think the world’s data should be more accessible and visible? So does Yet Analytics. Their platform is designed to bring the power of experience intelligence and advanced analytics directly to the people responsible for developing human capital.

Milt Reder, VP of Engineering at Yet, will be delivering a presentation titled “Still ‘Getting’ Clojure (Parentheses are just hugs for your code)” at the Dev Talks conference on Thursday, October 5 at BIW. To find out more about the event and to register to attend, head over to the BIW site.

To learn more about Yet and to catch up on their awesome blog, visit their website!



Baltimore Development Corporation

BDC is a non-profit organization serving as the economic development agency for the City of Baltimore. With equal focus on the downtown area and community-related projects, BDC’s mission is to retain and expand existing businesses, support cultural resources, and attract new opportunities that will spur economic growth and create jobs in the City of Baltimore.

Learn more about the BDC and how they can help you grow your business here!