ETC’s Pioneer Baltimore Program Re-launches with CO.STARTERS

Baltimore, MD (9/14/2017) – ETC will soon offer CO.STARTERS through its Pioneer Baltimore program, a nine-week, cohort-based program that equips entrepreneurs of all kinds with the insights, relationships, and tools needed to turn business ideas into action.

Drawing from the experience of successful entrepreneurs and start-up veterans from around the globe, CO.STARTERS walks creative small-business owners through lean, effective business modeling methods in a simple and intuitive way, and with the help of a supportive community. Rather than treating a start-up like a large corporation and writing a detailed business plan, CO.STARTERS participants are encouraged to build and test small models first. In the process, participants receive real-time customer feedback, update their models to meet customer needs and avoid creating businesses based on incorrect assumptions. “The CO.STARTERS proven methodology will be a strong enhancement to our Pioneer Baltimore program.” said ETC President Deb Tillett. “ETC is always interested in how we too can be innovative and implement best practices to help our companies succeed”.

The CO.STARTERS program has a global reach, serving numerous communities across the United States, New Zealand, and Australia.

In Baltimore, CO.STARTERS will be implemented and facilitated by ETC. The CO.STARTERS program will help full-time working professionals move their idea or side hustle closer to sustainability. The nine-week CO.STARTERS program will kick off in October 2017.

Pioneer Baltimore piloted a successful 9-week program last fall for a group of 13 working professionals, drawing on similar program elements of focusing on customers and bringing in local business insiders. Through the continued support of TEDCO as well as Capital One this year, ETC will enhance its goals of Pioneer Baltimore by implementing the CO.STARTERS curriculum.

“Pioneer Baltimore had a great impact on the pioneers that participated in 2016 and we are excited to reach more idea stage, future founders. Through CO.STARTERS, participants will have a clear roadmap forward and fieldwork to keep them engaged throughout the 9-week program.” Said Assistant Director, Jacqueline Albright.

Small business remains one of the fundamental economic drivers for local economies and job creation, but these smaller-scale startups have not received the same level of support as their high-growth counterparts. CO.STARTERS aims to narrow that gap and Pioneer Baltimore was designed to do just that.

“If you look beyond Silicon Valley and New York, there are countless communities that are full of talented entrepreneurs, but they lack the organized community support they need to thrive,” said Enoch Elwell, CO.STARTERS Founder. “CO.STARTERS provides a structure for these communities to achieve their economic growth goals and gives them an easy way build the connections they are already trying to grow.”

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CO.STARTERS equips local leaders, problem solvers, and unconventional starters with the best tools and resources needed to accelerate culture and empower communities. They help communities build vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystems in three ways. First, they connect community leaders with one another to collaboratively solve problems and identify solutions, thus exponentially increasing their effectiveness. Second, they connect communities with proven models and tools. By partnering with the most innovative leaders in the nation, CO.STARTERS curates the best tools for startup communities and connects leaders to them to better serve the specific needs of their communities. Third, they develop their own programs and tools to address gaps in entrepreneurial ecosystems and help communities better support their entrepreneurs, such as the flagship nine-week offering.