Get Your Game On: Brinkbit and BaltimoreGamer at Gamescape

Baltimore’s Artscape is the largest, free arts festival in the United States. There are over 150 artists whose exhibits range from visual to performing arts, and everything is kept cohesive with a different theme each year. This year’s space-themed festival will be held from July 15th to the 17th.


As part of Artscape, the University of Baltimore is presenting Gamescape. This program will showcase video games from local and national developers along with some classic arcade games. In fact, two of the presenters of Gamescape are members at the ETC: BaltimoreGamer and Brinkbit.

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BaltimoreGamer is an online magazine about video games and gaming culture. They have also started the Baltimore Game Lab at ETC. This program brings together gaming startups and developers in a coworking space to further collaboration and growth.

Brinkbit is a Cloud-based platform that lets game developers create, ship, and monetize games from a single interface. This year at Gamescape, Brinkbit will showcase their tools for teaching software development basics for new users. They will also present their role-playing game (RPG) called Hidden War.

ETC spoke with Brinkbit not long ago to ask the team some questions and get an update on their vision and product. When asked what problem Brinkbit is setting out to solve, they said, “Game creation is presently fragmented, requiring developers to learn and use separate tools for development, testing, deployment, monetization, user services, and scaling. Brinkbit presents all of these components in a single Cloud-based interface.”


Next, we wanted to know what Brinkbit thought of ETC’s Accelerate Baltimore program. During Brinkbit’s time in the Accelerate Baltimore, they were able to develop their Game Studio prototype, which is “a Cloud-based video game development environment that lets users create and publish games from the web browser.” Brinkbit said, “Accelerate Baltimore has made Brinkbit a smarter and more competitive startup in every aspect. From coaching us on our narrative and brand to helping us identify our target audience and position ourselves to raise funds, Accelerate Baltimore has become an integral part of Brinkbit’s DNA and a foundation of our present successes.”

And what about Brinkbit’s accomplishments after graduating from Accelerate Baltimore in 2015? Brinkbit said that since graduating, they have “entered closed beta, secured follow-on funding through TEDCO’s Technology Commercialization Fund, and signed up over 650 developers for our Game Studio waitlist.”  Brinkbit has also undergone team growth since the time they joined AccelerateBaltimore. At the time when we spoke with them, Brinkbit was in contract negotiations with their first enterprise customer.

We can’t wait to see Brinkbit and BaltimoreGamer in action at Artscape/Gamescape!