Guest Blog: Carrie Mast of new ETC member company, Loki Labs!

Welcome to ETC, Loki Labs!

Loki Labs provides a full suite of cyber assessment, advisory, and managed security services. Carrie Mast, who just started with Loki Labs last month, shared more about what the company’s background is and her experience working there thus far.

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I started working at Loki Labs in June of this year so I can’t talk much about what the founders were thinking when they started the company in 2015, but knowing them, they probably had the same dream that most entrepreneurs do: be your own boss and try to make money.

Strangely though, that makes for a horrible mission statement, so the overall company goals are slightly more ambitious.

Don’t tell them this, but I think the people I work with are kind of awesome. The two founders (and most of the security people they hire) worked in support of offensive and defensive cybersecurity efforts for the US Intelligence Community and Department of Defense.

Basically, they were government sponsored hackers. This background is what spawned the name of the company, from the mischievous figure in Norse mythology.

Naturally, the business started in the government-sponsored world they knew best, but as Loki Labs began to transition into the commercial market, they noticed many organizations in the small-to-mid-tier market lacked the resources, personnel, and expertise to effectively combat cyber threats.

Recognizing the challenges these businesses faced, Loki developed a virtual “SOC as a Service” — an outsourced Security Operations Center that is easy to deploy and accessible to organizations at almost any size.

This is where I came in: I have no government background but I have been living in the commercial tech world for the last few years. My initial goals are to clearly define our capabilities, what is included in the service for what price, and how we are going to get the word out. (Oh and to deliver an amazing new website by August 1st — no judgment allowed if you look at it before then.)

Most of the team works remotely from their houses, but I decided not to because I wanted the energy, focus, and networking opportunities that ETC provides. I’ve tried working from home before and go figure, the multiple mid-day naps were total productivity destroyers.

The majority of our current business comes from government contracts, but I’m hoping to shift that to commercial contracts in the next year. Unfortunately, small companies in non-technical industries are less likely to realize their vulnerabilities (and take action to fix them) so they end up being the easiest targets for attackers. Our ideal customers are organizations that recognize their security needs but want to avoid the cost and headache of maintaining the technology and overhead an in-house security team introduces.

Feel free to reach out if you have an interest in partnering or are just curious about what we do!

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