Guest Blog: Dave Phelan from Founders Approach

This week we have a special post on the blog: it’s a guest post written by ETC member Dave Phelan! Learn about his new venture with Phil Dimuro below.

Many of you know Phil and I from our purple outfits and cars with Loople stickers all over them. We developed Loople — a mobile app to find food specials, drink specials, and live music in your local area — over two years ago when Phil and I both quit our full-time jobs.


We’ve enjoyed the wild ride of entrepreneurship ever since.


With no previous experience, we started a business, launched an app, participated in Accelerate Baltimore, explained our product over 40 times, gained over 25,000 users, partnered with some of the largest brands in the U.S., and expanded to a new city. Unfortunately, though, we have struggled to figure out how to scale our monetization.


We are still working on Loople, but we need to validate specific concepts before we can spend capital on scaling. We needed to find an additional revenue source since we have not had salaries for two years. As we started looking into different options, we had clients start coming to us to help them build apps, optimize websites, develop marketing plans, and consult with them in general.


The next thing you know, we were helping multiple companies progress by using everything we learned from our journey with Loople.


Founders Approach is a full service consulting agency. We provide project management with our development team that offers incredible value for the time and price. We also provide marketing consulting for companies looking to lower their user acquisition costs. Plus, we provide consulting services with other areas your business needs help with, whether it’s UI/UX, pitch decks, business plans, and more.


We’ve found that we love working with other companies to help them grow. Over the past few weeks, we’ve added two employees to our team and we’re looking to ramp up our services. Founders Approach is capable of helping companies achieve their goals.


Honestly, these last two years have been a roller coaster ride. We have experienced some of the highest and lowest points of our lives, yet we do not regret our decisions for a second. We have learned from not only our successes but also our failures. We have learned what it takes to start to grow a business. We have also seen the many pitfalls that companies face along the way. All of these moments have allowed us to develop skills to create Founders Approach. Our goal is to work hand-in-hand with companies to achieve their goals.


Phil and I will always be eternally grateful to Baltimore. With being first time founders, we were clueless when we first started. We heavily relied on mentors, who are the only reason we are where we are today. They were not looking for anything in return, and that describes Baltimore in a nutshell. We all want to see each other succeed, and the entrepreneurs here are always willing to help in any way they can.


That’s why Phil and I take multiple meetings a week, advising those who are looking to start their own company — we want to sustain and expand the amazing community of entrepreneurs that Baltimore has built.


To learn more about Founders Approach, visit their website.