Guest Blog: Tim Simms of new ETC member company, Influent Metrics!

New ETC member Influent Metrics has a unique software system that helps with website communication challenges. Tim Simms, the company’s CEO, wanted to share more about how Influent Metrics got started and what motivates his team to build the software and the company.

One of the most common questions asked of entrepreneurs, after the most obvious, “What does your company do?”, is the more interesting and sometimes amusing question of, “How did you come up with the idea?” I like asking this question of others, because it often speaks to the passion of the founder and why the company exists. Sometimes, as in the case for Influent Metrics, the starting point that identified a need was just a seed to birth a grander vision of what could be accomplished.

When I started the company six months ago, I saw a need for easy-to-use software that could help get more use out of existing website content. I had seen organizations struggle with the competing dichotomy of how to make website content general enough to apply widely to its website audience versus making it specific enough to drive engagement. As a result, a lot of really good content couldn’t be foregrounded, but rather were subjected to locations deep within navigation trees. So it made a lot of sense to build a tool that could automatically select what content to showcase in a more intelligent way. That was the beginning.

It got us thinking about the contribution we could make. I’ve always been one who’s compelled with social good. My mindset has been to want to make a difference for this world in which we live. It’s inspiring to see countless companies that don’t just hoard profits for the executives to enjoy but have a real mission and passion to make the world a better place. For the company I’d create, I wanted this to be a driving force, to serve as a continued source of motivation.

We came to recognize pretty immediately, however, that there are thousands of wonderful non-profit organizations that each have a focused mission and cause to which they support, each of which is usually hampered with “not enough time” to accomplish all they’d like, especially when it comes to marketing communications. We thought we could really make a difference there. So we like to say that we help organizations better communicate with their audiences.

Of course our system also applies to commercial businesses, but our sweet spot are entities that already have a membership database, that rather than promoting sales with ecommerce, are seeking to build relationships by extending what they already know about members to personalized web experiences. Because this includes virtually all non-profits, it’s where we spend a lot of our time.

We’re just getting going, but would love to connect with those who are interested in learning about how our technology can help their organization or business or those who wish to explore how to join us in our mission to help as many organizations as we can! Hit us up!

So that’s our grander vision: that we can help organizations of any size better communicate with their audiences, to help propel their missions forward. There’s so much need to go around, and we’re so excited to be able to help them, even if in a small way. After all, let’s face it, a little compassion within the world around us could go a long way to making it a better place for everyone!

About Influent Metrics

Influent Metrics delivers a streamlined, SaaS-based, website content automation platform specifically for membership-based organizations that personalizes web experiences based on new and existing membership and visitor data. Learn more on the Influent Metrics website.