How Much Do You Really Know About Paul Rabil?

Paul Rabil’s professional career began in 2008 when he was selected first in the 2008 Major League Lacrosse Collegiate Draft by the Boston Cannons. He played for the Cannons until he was traded on January 5, 2015 to the New York Lizards, whom he currently plays for. Also in 2008, Rabil was drafted second overall in the National Lacrosse League entry draft. Ever since entering the NLL, Rabil has been selected each season he has played for every All-Star game. Among his many accomplishments, Rabil is a two-time Steinfeld Cup Champion. Rabil was the first to be named “Lacrosse’s Million Dollar Man” in 2013.

Ever wonder how he does it? Rabil has a brand called the Paul Rabil Experience (PRE). With a subscription to the PRE, you get access to over 250 instructional videos, playbooks, and unlimited direct emails. You also receive over 90 meals that provide you with the nutrition you need to stay healthy. In his introduction video, Rabil explains that he really wants to show others his guide to how he got to where he is today. The PRE serves as an additional 24/7 platform to whatever other lacrosse or fitness program you are involved in. It supplements the work you already do for your team or in your own practice.


Now for some of you this may all be old news. But here are some things that you may not have known about Rabil off the field.

1) Rabil is an angel investor. He has invested in multiple companies including, Funding Circle USA, Whistle Sports Network, LeagueApps, Boom Fantasy, Muzik Official, Turnstyle Cycle, and DIDiT Inc. Additionally, Rabil is also a Venture Partner of the Endurance Companies. In 2009, Rabil co-founded Endurance Fitness, which was Endurance’s first venture.

Paul Rabil Foundation picture

2) Paul Rabil formed a foundation that aids children with learning differences, including but not limited to dyslexia. Rabil has said, “Dyslexia has roots that run through my family and friends. Having an opportunity to share my story with others is a product of the position I’m in today — of which I take great pride in.” The Paul Rabil Foundation was founded in 2011 and has raised $305,000 for 62 scholarships and $50,000 in sports equipment. Each year, 16 micro scholarships are given to children in need.

3) Rabil owns gyms in Baltimore. That’s right: Paul Rabil owns 5 Snap Fitness gyms, all of which are open 24 hours.

4) Rabil has a Youtube channel with a following of over 60k and over 150 videos. He puts out new videos each Wednesday. His video content ranges from lacrosse stick tricks to #AskPaul videos in which he answers questions his followers have been dying to know. Rabil also has 190K+ followers on Instagram and over 70k followers on Twitter. You can also reach Rabil on Facebook or Snapchat (@rabilsnaps). Rabil truly makes his presence known across multiple social media platforms and uses his accounts to connect with his fans. Recently, Rabil revamped his brand with a new site, Andrew Manning – Chief of Staff for Rabil Co. – commented, “The new website was designed for the purpose of bringing in new business partners, rather than just being an informational site about him for the fans. It’s a pretty groundbreaking strategy for an athlete to use.”

Paul Rabil showing off the coworking space at ETC

5) Does the setting above look familiar? Your eyes do not deceive you. Rabil uses ETC’s Haven Campus coworking space to get some indoor shots in and even get some work done.

Bonus: Here is a video Paul Rabil made with GoPro!