Kapowza: 5 Ways To Make Your Brand Impossible to Ignore

Published: May 16, 2016

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The point of advertising is to make you impossible to ignore and forget. Next time John and Jane Q customer want to buy something, they think “hey, remember that company, with the thing…”

So you need the thing. It could be a commercial, a website, a campaign, a funny social media character. No matter what that thing is it needs to be worthwhile and unforgettable.

  1. Be honest. The best stuff comes from the truth. If you’re a bank, that’s fine. Know you’re a bank. Know that everyone finds you boring. Here’s the twist though: acknowledge it. It’s perception judo; by pointing out that yes you’re a bank and yes you’re boring you’re now no longer boring. Don’t shy away from what makes your brand, your brand or your industry, your industry. Not everyone can be Nike. Not everyone should be.
  2. Have a point of view. Nothing is more dull than something that’s trying to avoid having any opinion at all. You cannot please everyone and shouldn’t try to. Middle roads all end in a dead end. That being said, don’t be an insulting jerk. Unless your customers will find that funny (see Cards Against Humanity emails).
  3. Do the opposite. What’s everyone else doing? Try the inverse of that. It might not always be the best idea, especially when driving. But it’s a good place to start. It’s an easy trick to get out of “the box”. Competition sending junk mail? Send a bag to collect the junk mail (yes you’re still sending junk mail). Competition bugging people with Youtube Pre-Roll ads? Make an ad about how lame those ads are. Geico, for the win. Everyone jumping up and down about the Holidays? KitKat released an ad of nothing. What can you do that’s the exact opposite of everyone else?
  4. Remember your industry is only interesting to you. No one will find antique carpet fiber collection more riveting than you. Do not assume anyone finds your industry as interesting as you do. There’s a reason you do it for a living, hopefully, you think it’s just neat.
  5. Use emotion. There are twenty four different emotions you can use in storytelling. From those twenty four, maybe only four apply to you–probably less. Let your emotions come through. It’s okay. Find at least one and let that come through in your marketing. For example Coke has found Happiness as their emotion. What’s yours?

You can do so much more than just list product features. It’s not easy, but nothing truly worth doing ever is.

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