Members on Members ft. Dan Schepleng by John Davis

 My first practice pitch for the Baltimore Angels was going fairly well until my blurt ‘We’ve got strong revenues’ was interrupted with “Who are you…Donald Trump?” That’s Dan, a walking, talking enigma just like his spirit animal – Larry David. You know Dan, the semi-pro baseball playing, hi-top cons wearing, guitar strumming, Bernie Sanders sounding ambassador of the ETC West Side. 

You don’t have to look hard to find Dan, his work is everywhere. He’s like the in-house design guru for a growing number of companies in Baltimore’s tech community. My company spent months trying to come up with a simple line that reflects the work we do. After we engaged his firm Kapowza, he walked into our office, cleaned off a space on the whiteboard, and within minutes our tagline “Democracy Refined” was born. Search as you may, but you would be hard-pressed to find a handful of folks, even twice his age, that has his combination of wit and wisdom. 

To be sure, he and I are an unusual pair – like the ebony and ivory odd couple unsure of which role fits whom better – and it doesn’t matter, that’s how friendships are supposed to fit. The good news is that no matter the subject, he’s got something uniquely quirky to say and that’s pretty hard not to like.


About the companies:

Notice and Comment is a specialized communications utility designed to enhance the interaction between the public and all levels of government. They aim to help citizens become more effective advocates for themselves and their communities when it counts – while government action is still just proposed – that critical stage where politics end and your input begins.

Kapowza a full service creative agency who serves their clients and helps them reach their goals and wildest dreams of success through product launch campaigns, integrated brand campaigns, interactive digital campaigns. These campaigns may consist of: branding & re-branding, creative copywriting, front end development, tagline creating, animation, etc.