Pass Around the Productivity: Applications That Maximize Your Time

Through experience, I came to realize that one of the universal struggles of startup life is that there’s never enough time. A healthy work-life balance is difficult to achieve, and even if you practice a zero-inbox religiously, empty to-do lists are so rare they might be an urban legend. To help you achieve your efficiency-zen, we’re bringing you a quick roundup of tools designed to up your productivity!


  1. Mixmax – For those looking to supercharge their mailboxes, Mixmax provides tracking, customization templates, send later, and cold outreach management features. My personal favorite is the calendar-integrated scheduling function – no more back-and-forth required to nail down your meeting times!
  2. Flume – Developed to overcome the unsatisfying experience that is the Instagram webapp, Flume provides an easy channel for social media managers to update and engage with convenience – you won’t even need to take your eyes off the computer!
  3. Magnet – For the serial multitasker, an external monitor or two might not be enough. Keep your digital workspace immaculately ordered with Magnet, a customizable program that aligns application windows and supports up to six external displays.
  4. Zapier – A streamlined, integrated hub for all your applications! Zapier allows you to customize and automate your workflow, saving you precious time. Currently, the app can integrate over 720 widely-used programs, including Slack, Trello, Google Sheets, and Facebook.

Which apps are you using to maximize your time? Let us know in the comments below!