RJ Tech Tour’s Week in Baltimore

During Baltimore Innovation Week, ETC had the pleasure to welcome Paul Singh and the RJ Tech Tour during Baltimore Innovation Week. Singh, along with his partner Dana, their dog – Jack, and his custom Airstream, rolled into Baltimore and started off on Monday with some office hours at ETC.

Later that night, we officially got the ball rolling with the RJ Tech Tour Kickoff Happy Hour and ETC Open House. Of course, there was wine and beer, but there were also demos by the following ETC startups: Yet Analytics, Loople, Redidesk, RAKKOON, Samegrain, Innovative Charitable, Focus Putting, Response Labs, and mybestbox. Innovative Charitable even had a giveaway contest, and Focus Putting won $1000 to donate to a charity of their choice. All the while, Singh was meeting members and socializing. Downtown Partnership of Baltimore joined us as a sponsor as well. In case you haven’t heard, Downtown Partnership is running TechConnect, which features the opportunity for startups who move downtown to receive up to $10,000.

On Tuesday, there were more office hours, the Governement/Municipal Partners Roundtable and the Pioneer Baltimore Aspiring Founders Roundtable. Overall, Singh met with 12 companies during his office hours at ETC.

On Wednesday night, we headed downtown for Singh’s keynote: the Business of Startups with Paul Singh. The event was sponsored by ETC, Bank of America, Merrill Lynch, Argosy, and hosted by 10 Light Street. We had a gorgeous view of downtown from the 22nd floor balconies, lovely food and beverages, and delicious cookies with the logos of the sponsors on them. The rain caused some guests to arrive late, but soon we were on our way! During the Keynote, Singh was charismatic and inviting, pulling people toward him and encouraging questions. The keynote primarily focused on entrepreneurship in a changing, modern world. The following are snippets of the lessons that Singh had to share:

Paul Singh at ETC Keynote

“Money follows founders.”

“The biggest change in the startup world is that signals are everywhere.”

“If you’re going to play the venture game, you have to be the number one or two in the market.”

“Experience is the function of the number of things you try” rather than the number of years you have been working at one place.




The night ended with a short Q&A, socializing, and tasty desserts.

Thursday brought Beta City events. There, Fusiform had a table, and Sick Weather pitched. Also present were former Incubate members, Fast Visa from Dallas.

On Friday, the last day of Baltimore Innovation Week, the BIW Awards were held as the closing ceremony. Three ETC startups received awards this year: Yet Analytics was awarded Tech Startup of the Year, Infinite Biomedical Technologies won Science Group of the Year, and Loople won Dev Product of the Year.

A big thank you to Paul Singh and everyone who participated in the events this year!