Social Delta Tracks BIW16

At the September Happy Hour and RJ Tech Tour Kickoff, Social Delta a venture of Response Labs  joined us to demonstrate what they can do. At their demo table, Social Delta had a live presentation view of the incoming tweets and Instagram posts tagged #RJTechTour and #BIW16. For those of you who are unfamiliar, BIW (Baltimore Innovation Week) is an annual week-long celebration of innovation and technology run by This year, ETC invited Paul Singh and the Results Junkies Tech Tour to help Baltimore celebrate tech startups.

Social Delta gives you the option of browsing events or creating your own. When you create your own event, you choose which tags to follow and include. The interactive graphical timeline is minute-by-minute to ensure that you really get the most up-to-date social posts. You can also curate the social media posts you wish to appear on the graphical timeline and annotate key moments with your own liveblog posts. Not interested in making your own event? You can simply browse those made by others to stay updated on the event you want without having to search multiple places.

Throughout BIW, Social Delta tracked the event by creating their own to archive the central tweets of the week. Below are some screenshots of the graphical timeline and tweets from Wednesday 9/28: (please click on the image for a larger version)

Social Delta Screenshot of BIW Day



And click here to see a presentation of all the collective tweets from BIW16 on 9/28.

A big thank you to Social Delta for all their work during BIW16 and the RJ Tech Tour!

If you’re interested in Social Delta, all you need is a Twitter account to sign up!