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Startup Stories: What’s Deb Saying About the Startup Ecosystem in 2017?

What is an accelerator? Last Wednesday, the EcoSystem Forum drew speakers from Flat6Labs, ETC, and J.E. Austin Associates to address this very question. The event received support  from USAID’s Asia and Middle East Economic Best Practices Program and brought together key private sector leaders, policy makers, and development experts involved with entrepreneurial ecosystems across various emerging…

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8 Things Startups Love About Coworking

Coworking is becoming a popular trend all over the globe and with good reason. If, by any chance, you are unfamiliar with what coworking is, well let me explain it in the simplest way possible: coworking is a membership-based workspace with a diverse group of professionals in a communal setting. Now what is it that…

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3 Steps to Success with Design Thinking

Design thinking is a great process for solving big problems, especially in a quick moving operation, where the stakes are high and the ability to be nimble and smart with your time is crucial. Design thinking — just like lean methodology, the engineering design process, and the scientific method — cycles through ideation, prototyping, testing, research, and iteration, and has applications…

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