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5 Takeaways from Entrepreneurship Day

On Wednesday, March 22, ETC held our second Entrepreneurship Day at the Haven Campus. This intimate event gave attendees the opportunity to get to know each speaker and their founder stories. Speakers included Lida Zlatic of ClassTracks, Phil DiMuro and Dave Phelan of Loople Mobile, and Shelly Blake-Plock of Yet Analytics. Presenting on a range…

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Quizzes Are a Data Goldmine – Time to Start Digging

DATA IS REALLY IMPORTANT.  It helps you make educated decisions. Hey, you probably dont NEED to know how many people visit your website and make a purchase.  As long as they’re making a purchase, you’re happy right? Wrong.  The beauty of our digital world is that you dont need to wonder if that $10,000 billboard ad-buy is…

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