Teachers like Hillary, and other voting trends hiding in SameGrain’s data

When social media platform SameGrain launched last year, founder Anne Balduzzi talked about the importance of the algorithm that facilitates the matchmaking that happens between users.

This year, the startup is using the app to make data correlations about the key questions of our time. Take the much-measured presidential election, for instance.

From a total of 6.4 million answers to questions on the app, SameGrain found connections between profession and voting intentions.

The answers to who users were voting for showed that voters for Hillary Clinton are three times more likely to be teachers, and four times less likely to be police officers, according to SameGrain. Donald Trump also had the highest support from any profession, with construction pros firmly in the real estate mogul’s corner.

From there, SameGrain made correlations about specific professions:

  • Republicans who answered showed a high percentage of law enforcement, military and public safety.
  • Democrats were more likely to be in entertainment, government and nonprofits.

And with SameGrain’s questions, there are also more random correlations to make. For instance, users who said they vote Democrat were 30 percent more likely to admit that they cry during sad movies than Republican users.


Original Source found on Technically Baltimore.