What ETC Members Are Thankful For

As we approach Thanksgiving, we pay special attention to all that we are blessed with. From food to families, we have a lot to be grateful for. Here are some things that a few of our members and staff are thankful for!


“I’m thankful for the fact that I get to celebrate Thanksgiving with my family. They’re all in town. And my dog gets to come.” – Andre Vaseghi, Founder and Creative Director of Kindfolk

“For supportive friends and family.” – Matthew Glace, Partner and Director of Technology of Phantasy Tour

“For my health.” – Valerie Ellis, Facility Manager of ETC

“I’m thankful for Val’s decorations.” – Dan Schepleng, Creative Director of Kapowza

“Honestly, I’m most thankful for mentors. Without them, I don’t think Loople would be anywhere near as far as it is! They can be absolutely anyone who impacts you or your business in a positive way. Your parents, best friends, idols, or even just strangers who you respect.” – Phil Dimuro, Founder and CEO of Loople

“I am thankful that I get to wake up every morning and work hard for something I believe in and that I get to do that hard work with a group of brilliant, driven, and amazing people.” – Margaret Roth, Chief Revenue Officer and Co-Founder of Yet Analytics

“For my wonderful work family.” – SJ Oh, ETC Operations Manager

“I’m thankful for Krave Jerky, microwavable vegetables, 2013 reds, and sweatpants.” – Andrew Manning, Special Projects Manager of Rabil & Co.


Share with us what you’re thankful for on Twitter (@etcbaltimore) using the hashtag #ETCThanksgiving. Having trouble thinking of what you’re thankful for? Try these things during the Thanksgiving break:


  1. Take time with friends and family to relax and catch up.celebration-315079_1280

  2. Eat a good meal. It doesn’t even have to be turkey!book-1760998_1280

  3. Take time to read a good book.trees-1789120_1280

  4. Walk outside and enjoy the crisp fall air.headphones-923186_1280

  5. Listen to some new music.4300623468_a17044355b_b

  6. Change it up! Watch Netflix with a friend. If you’re feeling particularly adventurous, pick something neither of you have seen before.

ETC would like to wish all our members a Happy Thanksgiving!